With the love and attention
only a grandmama can give.

The Waffles

Beer Batter Waffles
Grandmama’s original recipe makes for a scrumptious, buttery waffle using non-alcoholic beer instead of milk.

beer batter

The Classic.

pink praline

Almonds, hazelnuts, roasted, candied, WAFFLED, delicious!

sweet chili chicken skin

A marriage of sweet, salty and skin. Topped with sweet chilli sauce and peanuts.

PB & Bacon

A waffle fit for a king-size appetite. Topped with jam and peanuts.
Coconut Batter Waffles
Made with coconut milk, tapioca and rice flour.

original Black Sesame

Flavourful ancient cousin of the white sesame.


The world’s most delectable aromatic palm-like leaf.
vegan and gluten-free


Purple Yam, like a sweet potato but more purple and more tasty.
vegan and gluten-free

hot chocolate

A chocolatey waffle as soothing as a cup of coco.
vegan and gluten-free

The Sammy

Cool and Crispy

Grandmama's famous waffle ice cream sandwiches can't be missed.
Two hot waffle wedges and a heaping helping of ice cream will have your taste buds doing the Wah Watusi!

At Home

not just for breakfast!

Take Grandmama's Waffles home with you.‍‍
Whether you toast them a wedge at a time or toss them all in the oven for an impromptu waffle party; one box of Grandmama's will change the way you look at frozen waffles. Our waffles are made with Grandmama approved ingredients and are available in all our signature flavours with vegan and gluten free options.

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The Shop

visit grandmama!

Not far from Christie Station, Grandmama's Waffles resides on the corner of Bloor St. and Clinton St.

Map of the shop
363½ clinton Street
toronto, ontario

summer hours:

Monday: 11:00aM - 8:00PM
Tuesday: CLOSED (sorry)
Wednesday: 11:00aM - 8:00PM
Thursday: 11:00aM - 8:00PM
Friday: 11:00aM - 10:00PM
Saturday: 11:00aM - 10:00PM
Sunday: 11:00aM - 8:00PM

For delivery, use any of these apps:

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Free waffles

Grandmama of the Month
If you think your grandma has what it takes to be Grandmama of the Month you have two options: 
1. Snap a pic or video of your grandma eating one of our waffles and tag @grandmamaswaffles with the hashtag #grandmamaofthemonth
2. Pick up one of our loyalty cards, eat waffles and win!
Winning grandma’s will receive an all-Expenses-paid trip to Grandmama’s Wall of Fame as well as their own official Grandmama trading card.
. . .
Grandmama Never Forgets A Birthday
Grandmama’s Waffles on your birthday, purchase any of our waffles and receive a free birthday waffle on the house.
Even though Grandmama never tells her age, Valid ID is required.